LCS three Pillars or KPI (Key Performance Indicators)


Empower to unleash human potential

Everyday we have the opportunity to make small difference in someone life such as coaching, listening better, being more positive.

There are many moments each day when we can choose to lead or allow others to grow and discover their potential, seeing the potential in everyone and let the others see it in themselves.


Inspire and Leave a legacy

Lead by example and act as social architects by synthesizing different and often conflicting trends and ideas. Know what results you do like to create by holding high standards.

Challenging people and push the limits of what is known and practiced, in order to create innovative and unique solutions. Leading courageously and sacrificing personal interests for the common goods.


Transform a society by engaging people

Engage communities in healthy dialogues to create a sustainable ethical culture. Sparking and leading change initiatives for transformations by creating a continuous improvement mindset.

Develop or strengthen the leadership capacity of the communities. Discover or create passion and innovation in people to shape the society to create new paths for the future.

Leaders Canadian School (LCS)

People want to give the best education to their kids. Government schools are unable to provide quality education even the fees in government run schools are minimal. Private school on the other hands provide quality education however they charge premium fees.

LCS will operate at a lower fees and a high standard education. It would be very cost effective for the middle income parents.

LCS is starting its operation in Aug 2017 in Valancia Town Lahore, Pakistan. LCS will be a high school however it will start small (Play Group to Grade 1) and expand solidly over time to allow young leaders to grow gradually at full capacity.

School official language will be English. School will offer best in class but Islamic education at minimum cost and an opportunity for every child to grow and develop his/her leadership abilities.

Together we are creating a community in which students nurture as authentic and entrepreneurial leaders.

The leadership skills they learn at LCS will help them to be successful in any field they opt in their career such as becoming doctor or engineer, start their own business, or work for a reputed organization.

At LCS we will treat each student as an individual. School will provide every learner a critical thinking skill and to understand the concept rather than memorize it.

Mar 15 2017

Admission started

School started admission for Play Group to Grade 1, expand every year. Classes will start in Aug, 2017. Please contact school for your child admission (see contact us)

April 15 2017

Day Care Facility

School is offering a day care facility also for the age from 1 1/2 year to 8 year kids. School admission is prefferred but not a must

Jul 31 2017

Summer Camp

School has planned to offer 2 weeks summer amp in end of Jul, 2017. It will be a great fun. Anyone can join and school admission is not a must.